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Where Your Date in Hollywood Must Take You

A fun and romantic date isn't far away; you just need to get in touch with us here at Palm Beach Escorts 24, and we will be sure to find you the beautiful girl that you've been hoping to meet in Florida. You don't have to go out to the bar or the club by yourself, hoping you can meet someone random and turn it into a date. After all, even if you do, what if the two of you aren't compatible? What if she's just not your type? Our gallery gives you pictures, bios, and all of the necessary details to find someone who is an ideal match!

Additionally, after you find the sexy Palm Beach escorts for your night on the town, we can take things one step further and help you find the places you need to go while you're here. We'll direct you toward dining establishments in Hollywood where you can get an incredible meal, bars where you can find tall, cold drinks, and other types of entertainment. Maybe you and the Palm Beach escorts want to spend your time dancing while a DJ plays popular songs over the sound system, or maybe you want a quiet, laid-back night on the beach, with the sun setting into the ocean. We know that everyone who comes looking for our West Palm Beach escorts is after something slightly different, so we've put together this list of excellent local options.

GG's Waterfront Bar and Grill

If you only have time to go to one place with the Palm Beach escorts, it has to be this bar and grill. They make incredible combination dishes, like the steak and seafood, that will have your mouth watering from the minute you walk in the door. The atmosphere is upscale and impressive, without being over-done, so it's a good place to go with the Palm Beach escorts. We highly recommend getting a bottle of wine and the grilled mahi mahi. You're never going to have fresher fish in your life, and it's seasoned perfectly. Another incredible option is the almond maple salmon. The dishes are so good that they got a Certificate of Excellence in 2014. You will find this restaurant at 606 N. Ocean Drive (A1A), Hollywood, FL, 33019, and the phone number is 954-929-7030.


Lola's is one of those restaurants that is consistently excellent. Sure, they don't branch out and try as many adventurous dishes as some places, but you know that they're going to do what they do very well. If you and the Palm Beach escorts don't want to take a chance with having a meal you may not like, you absolutely want to go here. The décor is modern and romantic. The menu includes things like wild striped bass, Coca Cola ribs, baked brie, duck pate, and much more. You and the West Palm Beach escorts will also enjoy the phenomenal cocktails. You can find this place at 2032 Harrison St, Hollywood, FL, 33020-5020, and the phone number is 954-927-9851.

Whiskey Tango Bar & Grill

Whiskey Tango has a terrific outdoor eating area, which is covered by an overhang if you want to avoid the sun – or if one of the quick Florida storms happens to crop up while you're eating. There is an outdoor bar up against the main wall, so you always get your drinks quickly, and you can even sit at the bar if you don't feel like getting a table. It really makes the place much more functional than bars where they have to run inside to pick everything up. This place gets a lot of local foot traffic, and it's easy to see why from the laid-back atmosphere and the great drink selection. They also have food that is a step up from your typical bar food, with a soup of the day, hot wings and more. Check out the specials if you really want to save. You and the Palm Beach escorts will find this place at 1903 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33020 and the phone number is (954) 925-2555.

Mickey Byrne's Irish Pub & Restaurant

This may be the best place to have a fun time in all of Hollywood. It's nicer than a dive -- with a beautiful wooden bar up front and authentic decorations on the walls -- but not too much nicer. This place isn't trying to be upscale and pretentious, like a lot of bars in Florida, and you can feel it from the moment you walk in. If you and the Palm Beach escorts are here for a meal, you can pick from options like bangers and mash, spinach salad, sausage rolls, onion rings, and a huge selection of other appetizers that can make a meal in their own right. For drinks, it's all about the beer, with huge pours of stouts, porters, IPAs, wheat ales, and much more. Choose those staple favorites like Guinness or branch out into a local craft beer. Either way, you find something refreshing and invigorating. This bar is located at 1921 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL, 33020, and the phone number is (954) 921-2317.

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